The Recipe for Success!

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About the Author

Steve McNicholas

Steve McNicholas has spent some twenty years developing his research, knowledge and passion for personal development, achievement and helping people succeed. His personal mission statement which he has had for many years is simply ‘to inform, inspire and maximise the potential in all people – unlocking the code to help develop winners in life and business’.

After a highly successful career in corporate life, he has recently gone on to launch his own business in speaking, training and coaching clients to ‘unlock the code’ both in a personal development sense and also in the commercial environment helping clients in the corporate world. Steve does this through his own seven-step approach, having identified those critical stages or ‘source codes’ underpinning personal success and achievement. He is enjoying great success and is now after much demand, turning his seven step methodology into his latest book, Unlock the Code: 7 Steps To Your Success. The book is due for release in early 2019.

With a successful corporate career across a number of industries (telecom, banking, business services), and in holding several executive positions over the past twenty-five years, Steve has developed a reputation with his clients as a ‘practitioner’ and not a guru! He has the bumps, scars and bruises of leading many teams and individuals to amazing levels of success and achievement over the years.

About the Book

The Recipe for Success!

No Recipe For Success would be complete without a list of ingredients, the preparation instructions, and time and temperature for cooking. Some of the main ingredients would include: knowledge, passion, planning and perseverance.

Other additives could include money and mentoring for consistency, body and texture. If you are tempted to add in a tablespoon of luck, you may want to replace the luck with a cupful of action, because in reality, your recipe can never be completed without action, and no one can rely on luck to succeed.

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by Steve McNicholas

In a book entitled Recipe for Success, I am expecting that in every chapter, you are finding numerous ‘ingredients’ (ideas, concepts, tips and suggestions) that will help deliver the success, achievement and fulfilment you clearly want, and so you should. I have spent almost two decades myself developing my own interest and passion in this field, reading countless books, attending many events and seminars and applying the lessons and principles of many top speakers and teachers in this field.

Time and time again, I see a common pattern, a recipe or a ‘code’ becoming evident in achieving success. I don’t have time in this chapter to explain in detail how to ‘unlock the code’, it’s the subject of my next book, but what I would like you to consider today is a significant foundation in all personal success and achievement, the power of ‘habit’. To be more precise, the application of discipline, overcoming the ‘easy-ness conundrum’ and then critically, embedding the habits you form to move you quickly towards your goals.

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